OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2018
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA USA

Conference Speakers


Kathleen Owen

Consulting Engineer, Owen Air Filtration Consulting, LLC


Kathleen Owen, now an industry consultant, is an air filter efficiency testing and test method development engineer. She worked on the ASHRAE and EPA projects that developed ASHRAE air cleaner efficiency test methods 52.2 (for particles), 145.2 (gases), and 185.1 (UV-bioaerosol). She is the current chair of ASHRAE 52.2 and the past chair of ASHRAE 145. She is also the research subcommittee chair for TC2.3 Gaseous. During her 33 years at RTI Intl., she ran project ASHRAE 1360-RP on dust characteristics and worked on many ASHRAE and EPA projects on air cleaning and air quality including the recent EPA EIP on air cleanup in VI situations. She ran the RTI commercial air cleaner test lab for 20 years. Her BS in chemical engineering is from NCSU, and her MS in Air Pollution Control Engineering is from UNC-CH.
Tuesday, October 02
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Continuing Debate: ASHRAE 52.2 vs ISO 16890

Update on ASHRAE 52.2

How much longer will we have ASHRAE 52.2 and the MERV? ASHRAE 52.2 is considering taking a vote to replace ASHRAE 52.2 with ISO 16890 as the ASHRAE standard. This talk will present the status of this discussion including pros, cons, and questions. I will report on the discussions at the ASHRAE summer meeting. Other issues in front of 52.2 will be introduced including the push to have the method give a “PM” efficiency result, round robin (RR) information, IPA conditioning, and the influence of particle size distributions on ISO ePM ratings.