OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2018
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA USA

Conference Speakers


Alexander Yarin

Distinguished Professor, University Of Illinois At Chicago


MSc-1977 (in Applied Physics), PhD (in Physics and Mathematics)-1980, DSc (Habilitation, (in Physics and Mathematics)-1989. Affiliations: The Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow (1977-1990); Professor at The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (1990-2006; Eduard Pestel Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering at The Technion in 1999-2006); Distinguished Professor at The University of Illinois at Chicago, USA (2006-present); Fellow of the American Physical Society. Prof. Yarin is the author of 4 books, 12 book chapters, 326 research papers, and 10 patents. Prof. Yarin was the Fellow of the Rashi Foundation, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and was awarded Gutwirth Award, Hershel Rich Prize and the Prize for Technological Development for Defense against Terror of the American-Technion Society. He is one of the three co-Editors of “Springer Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics”, 2007, and the Associate Editor of the journal “Experiments in Fluids”.
Tuesday, October 02
10:35 am - 12:05 pm

A New Generation of Fine Fiber Processing for Filtration

Solution Blowing: Biopolymer-derived Nanofibers, Self-healing Nano-textured Vascular Composites and Their Applications

Solution blowing of such plant-derived biomaterials as soy protein, zein, lignin, oats, sodium alginate and cellulose acetate, and such animal-derived biomaterials as silk protein (sericin), chitosan, bovine serum albumin and fish sarcoplasmic protein, was demonstrated as a versatile, robust and industrially scalable approach to form monolithic and core-shell nanofibers from bio-waste. A variant of solution blowing, coaxial solution blowing, is capable of rapid manufacturing of core-shell nanofibers with healing agents in the core. Applications of biopolymer-derived and self-healing nanofiber mats and composites based on them are discussed too.