OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2018
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA USA

Nxtnano Product Showcase


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Nxtnano, the world leader in nanofiber commercialization, introduced multiple new media technologies for 2018.

nMAX medias feature a gradient density & diameter nanofiber matrix which can deliver dust holding capacity in excess of 300% greater than standard nanofiber, with no appreciable change in pressure drop. With their proprietary HYPR Spinning process NXTNANO produces nMAX in a single pass, and can incorporate the technology on to most nonwoven medias used today including: Cellulose, Cellulose/Poly Blends, Spunbonds, Wetlaid Synthetics, Hyrdo-Entangled, and Felted Medias. nMAX can be employed in pulsed filtration applications while maintaining excellent dust release properties, or it can be tailored to static filtration. nMAX is ideal for applications in gas turbine, industrial, automotive, HVAC, and medical filtration industries.

HVAC Media

NXTNANO continues to deliver innovative products to the rapidly evolving HVAC space. Nxtnano’s mechanically efficient medias are available on pleatable synthetic medias and in efficiency’s from MERV 11 up to H13. NXTNANO HVAC medias are a drop in replacement for charged media, and offer pressure drops well below glass alternatives. In fact, their patented bi-component nanofibers are proving so durable some customers are even producing washable, reusable filters with their medias.

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Booth #710



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