OCTOBER 2 - 4, 2018
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA USA

Sandler AG Product Showcase

Sandler AG

Booth #307

Sandler AG at Filtration Show 2018

At this year’s Filtration Show, Sandler will present a wide range of synthetic filtration nonwovens. Efficient pocket filter media and pleatable nonwovens for ventilation and air conditioning maintain their efficiency even after discharge. Nonwovens for cabin air and engine air filters help improve the indoor air quality in our vehicles. Fuel filter media protect the engine and contribute to efficient combustion. Synthetic vacuum cleaner bags reliably trap dirt particles and dust and foster a higher suction power.

In light of growing metropolitan areas, more and more vehicles on the roads and increasing air pollution, efficient filter media are in higher demand than ever to ensure optimum indoor air quality, particularly in public spaces. New norms and testing standards, above all the new ISO 16890, are shaping the industry. The norm bases filter classification on more realistic criteria and also takes into account the energy efficiency during operation of the filter unit.

Sandler’s new synthetic filter medium enAIRsave® combines long-term performance and reduced energy usage. Multiple filter layers provide optimum dust separation across the entire width of the medium. The particles are primarily deposited in the coarse meltblown layer as well as the pre-filter layer. Air can still flow through the filter at a relatively low pressure and, consequently, at a reduced energy consumption.

Your Sandler team is looking forward to welcoming you at booth 307.

Sandler AG

Booth #307



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